CodeDeliverable TitleDelivery DateEmail address of the responsible person
D4.1Prototoypes of olive and protein powder containing tomato juices and sauces processed by MAPS, HPU , HHP and UV-C 2024-08-31
D4.2Specification sheets for the sauces and juices treated by different
D4.3Bioemulsifier added products and their comple characterisation
D4.4FunTomP full sustainability evaluation, including LCA, LCCA, and S-LCA
D4.5Roadmap for FunTomP technology
D4.6A research paper showing the potential use of TD-NMR and EPR spectroscopy on the quality of tomato
D4.7An economic analysis report for liquid FunTomP products produced by different
D4.8A review paper about the novel pasteurization technologies for fruit/vegetable
D4.9Research paper(s) about the use of different ovel pasteurization technologies for FunTomP