The Partnership for Reasearch and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA)

Functionalized Tomato Products (FunTomP)

To reformulate traditional Mediterranean tomato products considering the current consumer trend of “functional foods”


The Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterrenean Area (PRIMA)  will produce and innovate much-needed solutions for a more sustainable management of water and agri-food system in the Mediterranean basin. In this objective, FunTomP revaluates the traditional Mediterranean foods by  considering  global food trends and utilizing new food processing technologies (MW, HHP and HPU). FunTomP will redesign tomato products with plant proteins and olive powder. 

Insight into FunTomP:

Work Packages

FunTomP Partner Countries

Turkey, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Tunisia, Greece, Italy

Researchers and industry experts from 8 countries come together on the same goal to carry the Mediterranean diet to future