Quality changes in high hydrostatic pressure treated enriched tomato sauce

Authors: Furkan Erdem, Ozan Taş, Nursen Erol, Mecit Halil Oztop, Hami Alpas


Physicochemical and sensorial properties of tomato leathers at different drying conditions

Authors: Eren Basdemir, Alev Emine Ince, Sakine Kizgin, Baris Ozel, Ozlem Ozarda, Servet Gulum Sumnu, Mecit Halil Oztop


Determination of process parameters and precipitation methods for potential large-scale production of sugar beet leaf protein concentrate

Authors: Ayça Akyüz, Idil Tekin, Zülal Aksoy, Seda Ersus


Rheological and sensorial behavior of tomato product enriched with pea protein and olive powder

Authors: Murad Bal, Elif Gokcen Ates, Furkan Erdem, Gokcem Tonyali Karsli, Melis Cetin Karasu, Ozlem Ozarda, Behic Mert, Mecit H. Oztop

Review Article

UV-C Light: A Promising Preservation Technology for Vegetable-Based Nonsolid Food Products

Authors: Rose Daphnee Tchonkouang, Alexandre R. Lima, Andreia C. Quintino, Nathana L. Cristofoli, Margarida C. Vieira


Effect of microwave-vacuum drying on the physicochemical properties of a functionaltomato snack bar

Authors: Muhammed Rasim Gul, Alev Emine Ince, Baris Ozel, Aymelek Kubra Uslu, Melis Çetin, Duygu Mentes, Servet Gulum Sumnu, Mecit Halil Oztop


Alternative methods for RuBisCO extraction from sugar beet waste: A comparative approach of ultrasound and high voltage electrical discharge

Authors: Josipa Duki´c , Karla Kospi´c, Vanja Kelavac, Renata Mavri´c, Marinela Nutrizio, Biljana Balen, Ana Butorac, Mecit Halil Oztop,  Anet Rezek Jambrak


Proteomics Approach to Differentiate Protein Extraction Methods in Sugar Beet Leaves

Authors: Ece Goktayoglu, Mecit Halil Oztop, and Sureyya Ozcan


Influence of High-Power Ultrasound on Yield of Proteins and Specialized Plant Metabolites from Sugar Beet Leaves (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris var. altissima)

Authors: Josipa Duki´c , Matea Huni´c, Marinela Nutrizio and Anet Režek Jambrak

Chapter - Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Potential of Carotenoids from Fresh Tomatoes and Their Availability in Processed Tomato-Based Products

Authors: Rose Daphnee Ngameni Tchonkouang, Maria Dulce Carlos Antunes and Maria Margarida Cortês Vieira