The National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

General goal of the Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology is the development of fundamental knowledge, and valorization of biodiversity as well as for all genetic, technological, and biotechnological applications in the agricultural field. CNR deals with the analysis of plant metabolism present in the diet and their protective role in inflammation and
oxidative stress. Evaluation of nutraceutical properties of foods by in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies.

CNR Team

Dr. Morena Gabriele

Dr. Laura Pucci

Dr. Elena Tomassi

Recent Publications

  • Gabriele M.*; Frassinetti S.; Pucci L. Antimicrobial activity and protective effect of tuscan bee pollens on oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress in different cell-based models. Foods2021, 10(6),
  • Caddeo C.; Lucchesi D.; Fernàndez-Busquets X.; Valenti D.; Penno G.; Fadda A.M.; Pucci L. Efficacy of a resveratrol nanoformulation based on a commercially available liposomal platform. Int J Pharm. 2021 Oct 25;608:121086.
  • Garcia-Gil M.; Turri B.; Gabriele M.; Pucci L.; Agnarelli A.; Lai M.; Freer G.; Pistello M.; Vignali R.; Batistoni R.; Marracci S. Protopine/Gemcitabine Combination Induces Cytotoxic or Cytoprotective Effects in Cell Type-Specific and Dose-Dependent Manner on Human Cancer and Normal Cells. Pharmaceuticals2021, 14(2), 90.
  • Caddeo C.; Gabriele M.; Nacher A.; Fernandez-Busquets X.; Valenti D.; Maria Fadda A.; Pucci L.*; Manconi M. Resveratrol and artemisinin eudragit-coated liposomes: A strategy to tackle intestinal tumors. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2021.
  • Amato R.; Rossino M.G.; Cammalleri M.; Timperio A.M.; Fanelli G.; Dal Monte M.; Pucci L.*; Casini G*. The Potential of Lisosan G as a Possible Treatment for Glaucoma. Frontiers in Pharmacology
  • Souid, A., Della Croce, C. M., Frassinetti, S., Gabriele, M., Pozzo, L., Ciardi, M., Abdelly, C., Hamed, K. B., Magné, C., & Longo, V. (2021). Nutraceutical Potential of Leaf Hydro-Ethanolic Extract of the Edible Halophyte Crithmum maritimum L. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 26(17), 5380.
  • Barbieri D.; Gabriele M.; Summa M.; Colosimo R.; Leonardi D.; Domenici V.; Pucci L. Antioxidant, nutraceutical properties, and fluorescence spectral profiles of bee pollen samples from different botanical origins. Antioxidants2020, 9(10), 1001;
  • Balli, D; Bellumori, M; Pucci, L; Gabriele, M; Longo, V; Paoli, P; Melani, F; Mulinacci, N; Innocenti, M (2020). Does Fermentation Really Increase the Phenolic Content in Cereals? A Study on Millet. Foods2020, 9(3), 303;
  • Arouna, N; Gabriele, M*; Pucci, L. The Impact of Germination on Sorghum Nutraceutical Properties. Foods 2020, 9(9), 1218;
  • Colosimo, R; Gabriele, M; Cifelli, M; Longo, V; Domenici, V; Pucci, L. The effect of sourdough fermentation on Triticum dicoccum from Garfagnana: H-1 NMR characterization and analysis of the antioxidant activity. Food Chem vol. 305.
  • Frassinetti, S., Gabriele, M.*, Moccia, E.,  Longo, V., Di Gioia, D. Antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of Cannabis sativa L. seeds extract against Staphylococcus aureus and growth effects on probiotic Lactobacillus spp., LWT-Food Science and Technology, 124, 2020, 109149,